Coastal resiliency

Town Hall Presentations

The City of Delray Beach is holding public meetings to address one of the most pressing issues South Florida is facing; improving resiliency to coastal flooding. To provide more detailed information to our community about coastal flooding impacts, we selected four areas of focus (see below) and will present information specific to those areas as defined by the dates shown.

10,000 postcards were mailed to residents along the intracoastal to inform the public about the upcoming meetings. The information presented during these meetings have been included here for the public to access.

During the presentation, City staff also introduced online resources that the public might find helpful. A list of these resources can be found under the “Additional Resources” tab.


Tropic Isle

November 7, 2019


North of Atlantic

January 23, 2020


South of Atlantic

January 30, 2020


Marina Historic District

February 20, 2020 (Presentation will be uploaded after meeting)


Palm Trail

March 12, 2020 (Presentation will be uploaded after meeting)