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The Delray Beach City Marina

The Delray Beach City Marina is a publicly-owned and operated marina located along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW), south of Atlantic Avenue and east of Marine Way. The City Marina seawall is approximately 704 feet long and is comprised of precast concrete sheet piling with a reinforced concrete cap. There are ten finger piers comprised of timber decking, stringers, and bent boards supported on pre-stressed concrete piles. The finger piers transverse and are affixed to the seawall. Additionally, there are four marginal docks with composite plastic lumber decking on timber stringers and bent boards supported by timber piles. The City Marina has full time staff to manage the dock and an air conditioned facility that contains restrooms, showers, washer and dryers, an ice machine, an open sitting/reading room, and a coin operated pump-out. At the marina, boat owners are permitted to live aboard their boats. Electricity, water, telephone, and cable TV connections are provided at each slip.

Having been in operation for over 80 years, the City Marina has experienced noticeable deterioration, which is typical of the material types and the age of the structures. Compounding the problem, however, is the aggressive saltwater environment, recent extreme high tides, and wave action from boats, resulting in severe damage to the City Marina finger piers and marginal docks. Upland vegetation is also suffering due to water overtopping the wall causing salt water intrusion. A conditions assessment report prepared by the Wantman Group (WGI) in 2016 covered the observed deficiencies in the structural components of the seawalls, finger piers, and marginal docks that led to the final recommendation for the City Marina Improvement Project in order to raise the top of the seawall/pier/dock elevation to mitigate potential sea level rise and further deterioration from overtopping salt water. To compliment the renovation, the City of Delray Beach will be adding decorative security features, enhancements to the landscaping and sidewalks, and state of the art WI-FI communications.


Public participation is a vital part of any publicly funded project as the process seeks to ensure decisions are made in the best overall interest of the residents of the community. The public often holds a diverse array of views and concerns on issues pertaining to their own specific needs.

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September 9th, 2020

B&M Marine Construction has completed the seawall and has installed all of the floating docks. The remaining contractor items are grading and backfilling the site, landscaping and irrigation, and installing the gazebos and pergolas. The final item will be to attach the floating dock gangways to the seawall.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the construction of this project, please feel free to call the City Marina Improvement Project’s Hotline Number at (561) 839-1717.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact the City Marina Improvements Project if I have additional questions?
Please contact the City Marina Improvements Project hotline at 561-839-1717. There is a voicemail and calls can be returned within one business days.
Where will the community outreach meetings take place?
Veterans Park, 802 NE 1st St, Delray Beach, FL 33483 unless otherwise noted.
What occurs during the public outreach meetings?
  • Representatives of the City’s contractor and consultant provide information on activities that will affect residents or require action.
  • Residents are given the opportunity to share their concerns related to the project and learn how to stay connected to ensure continuous communication with the project team
Hotline Number
  • Please contact the hotline with any questions, comments, or concerns. We will respond within one business days.
  • HOTLINE NUMBER –  561-839-1717

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