Climate Change and Sustainability

Improving ResilIency Throughout Our Vibrant Coastal Community

Visionary and strategic investments in downtown Delray’s economic development have transformed it into the jewel of South Florida’s Gold Coast, attracting visitors and new businesses. Delray Beach was voted the “most fun small town in America” by Rand McNally in 2012, the City of Delray Beach is the only city in Florida to be named an All America City three times, most recently in 2017.
This economic strength is a key asset of Delray Beach, one that will be increasingly challenged as the community confronts the various impacts of a changing climate. Managing, mitigating, and preparing for the interrelated hydrological issues caused by sea level rise, intense rain events, tropical storms, coastal and inland flooding, storm surge and saltwater intrusion are critical to maintaining the quality of life in our community.

Resilient Delray

Whether it’s coastal flooding or saltwater intrusion, Delray Beach is on the offensive in the challenge of combating the problems which result from climate change. There are many projects under way and in the design process that will aid in the relief effort.

Community Events

To increase our resiliency efforts community-wide, the City of Delray Beach hosts several events a year that concentrate on these issues. Visit our Community Events page now!

Climate Impacts

Climate change causing rising tides, hotter summers, wetter rainy seasons, and King Tides are affecting coastal communities. Delray Beach’s Rising Waters Task Force noticed this was an issue and has been planning on upgrading its infrastructure to adapt to the climate impacts.
The fact that Delray Beach is a slightly higher elevation may ” buy our community more time”, but it does not alter the future of rising sea level and increased extreme rain events. This “Extra time” should not lead to complacency, but rather to more strategic and thoughtful action.

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